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Name:Yugi Mutou
Birthdate:Jan 16
Picture comes from Pixiv: ID: 1457981

Name: Yugi Mutou
Age: 16
Canon Point:
Genessia: Post Season 3
Melodies of Life: Duelist: Chapter 139
Melodies of Life:
Jobs: Beastmaster/Scholar

Beastmaster (6 Months):
Capture - Captures defeated monsters.
Whip Lore - Doubles effectiveness of attacks against monsters.
Moogle Master - Bestows powers onto your assigned Moogle.
Reward - Heals your summoned pet (mid).

Monster Companion: Buer (Offensive)
Fira - Fire attack spell (mid).
Blizzara - Ice attack spell (mid).
Watera - Water attack spell (mid).
Thundara - Thunder attack spell (mid).
Disaster - Attacks all enemies (mid).
Assault - Physically attacks the enemy (strong).
Life Drain - Drains energy from an enemy to recover health (low).

Moogle Companion: Hikari (Supportive)
Cura - Heals mid wounds (on self or an ally).
Protect - Improves an ally's resistance to physical attacks.
Shell - Improves an ally's resistance to magical attacks.
Reflect - Casts a shield on an ally reflecting magical attacks.
Haste - Improves an ally's speed and dexterity.
Guardian - Takes damage for the beastmaster. May counterattack (33%).
Sic - Attacks an enemy (weak).
Mog Bomb - Delivers an explosive package to the enemies (mid damages).

Scholar (6 Months):
Libra - Allows to see an enemy's strengths and weaknesses.
Mad Scientist - Casts a buff on an ally (+ 25% speed, agility, attack, magic or defense).
Fast Reading - Reads and memorizes books three times faster than a normal human.
Stats Lore - Doubles the effects of items and buffs.
Enlightenment - Doubles the attack power of all allies.
Elemental Tomes - Casts an elemental attack on an enemy (earth, wind, light or darkness).

Extra Job(s): Gambler (3 Months)

Gambler (3 Months):
Dice Roll - Rolls three dices and inflicts damages to an enemy.
Slot - Summons a slot machine to attack enemies or allies.
Deck of Cards - Picks one random card to attack or heal enemies.

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